Did you know that images in the catalog that have “vanilla” coloring means they have a coordinating punch? You might not have noticed the yellow coloring, or if you did, you didn’t give it a second thought and moved on. However, everything Stampin’ Up does has an important purpose. Now that you know, look at the stamp sets below and you will see right away which images coordinate with a punch.

Butterfly Gala and Butterfly Wishes stamp sets both coordinate with the Butterfly Duet punch.

Basket of Blooms coordinates with the Small Bloom punch.

Timeless Tulips coordinates with the Tulip Builder punch.

Daisy Lane coordinates with the Daisy punch and the Medium Daisy punch.

You get the idea; no need for me to post all of the stamp sets that have a coordinating punch. But take out your catalog and flip through it to identify the ones that coordinate with a punch and you will see the brilliance of Stampin’ Up’s imaging.

And guess what? There is a method for identifying which images in a stamp set have a matching die.  What’s the trick? Any image that is darker than the others in a stamp set has a matching die.

As you are going through your catalog looking for the yellow-colored images, also look for images that are darker gray than the others.  This information might save you some time as you decide which sets to purchase.

Cool, right? I think it’s a handy tip to know and wanted to pass it along.

I like to include inspirational or funny sayings in my posts.  Here is one I recently saw on Facebook. Enjoy.